Edit Relationship

Add Status

You can add a language phrase if you enter it like this:
{phrase var='module.phrase_var'}
Otherwise the script will create the language phrase for you

This is the message for the feed when the relationship has been confirmed. In some cases this feed is not needed and leaving this field blank will stop the feed from showing. For example "user1 is married to user2".

This message will be shown in the feed when a user has set a relationship status with another user but the other user has not confirmed it. It also applies when a user sets the status without defining another user. For example "user1 is married".

For all these phrases the following transformations apply:
{with_user_name} user name of the receiving party
{with_full_name} full name of the receiving party
{user_name} sender's user name
{full_name} sender's full name
{their} sender's possessive adjective (their)