Mail Server

Manage Settings

Select the method you would like your emails to be sent it, which is either using the default PHP mail() function or SMTP.

If SMTP is enabled, set the SMTP server host here.

SMTP Authentication

SMTP Username

SMTP Password

Select cryptographic protocol that enabled on your SMTP mail server.

This is the name displayed when users receive emails from this site.

This is the default email used when sending out emails and it will be the email users will see in their email.

This is the signature added to the bottom of each email that is sent from this site.

Warning This is an important setting. Select a wrong option here can break the site or affect some features. If you are at all unsure about which option to configure, use the default value or contact us for support.

Check ssl certificate of your SMTP host name. If it does not use valid certificate, email can't be sent

Enable this to use Queue for sending email. It will help you prevent the overloading on the mail server. Please make sure that Cronjob has been set up to use this feature.

What port to use for sending mail with SMTP? Default is 25

Type an email address here and then click Send Test to generate a test email