Variable Language Original Text
English (US) Can view blogs.
English (US) Can edit their own blogs?
English (US) Can edit all blogs?
English (US) Can delete their own blog?
English (US) Can delete all blogs?
English (US) Can add a new blog?
English (US) Can post comments on blogs?
English (US) Specify how many points the user will receive when adding a new blog.
English (US) Can approve blogs?
English (US) Approve blogs before they are publicly displayed?
English (US) How many minutes should a user wait before they can submit another blog? Note: Setting it to "0" (without quotes) is default and users will not have to wait.
English (US) Can edit own event?
English (US) Can edit all events?
English (US) Can post comments on events?
English (US) Can delete own event?
English (US) Can delete all events?
English (US) Max file size for event photos in kilobytes (kb). (1024 kb = 1 mb) For unlimited add "0" without quotes.
English (US) Can approve events?
English (US) Can feature events?
English (US) Events must be approved first before they are displayed publicly?