Variable Original Text
Can approve events?
Can browse and view the event module?
Bundle JavaScript & CSS
Can edit all events?
Core Version
Can members of this user group sponsor their events?
Define how long this user group must wait until they are allowed to send out another mass email.
Can delete own event?
Can delete all events?
Events must be approved first before they are displayed publicly?
How many minutes should a user wait before they can create another event? Note: Setting it to "0" (without quotes) is default and users will not have to wait.
After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the item be published right away? If set to <b>No</b>, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored item space before it is shown in the site.
How many points does the user get when they add a new event?
Can members of this user group purchase a sponsored ad space for their items?
Can edit own event?
Max file size for event photos in kilobytes (kb). (1024 kb = 1 mb) For unlimited add "0" without quotes.
Can create an event?
Can post comments on events?
Can mass email own event guests?
How much is the sponsor space worth for events? This works in a CPM basis.