Variable Language Original Text
English (US) This setting tells if members of this user group can edit questions and answers in their own quizzes.
English (US) This setting tells if users of this user group can edit the questions and answers in quizzes made by other users.
English (US) How many points to award per new quiz.
English (US) If this option is enabled members of this user group will be able to view what other users answered in a quiz before they answer the quiz themselves.
English (US) Can members of this user group upload a picture along with the quiz?
English (US) Is it a requirement to upload a with the quiz? Be careful as this setting along with the "quiz.can_upload_picture" could keep members from uploading any quiz (having is_picture_upload_required enabled but can_upload_picture disabled would render a useless add quiz page because of the mutual exclusion)
English (US) Can browse and view the quiz module?
English (US) Can create a quiz?
English (US) Recommended banner size is 1200x628 pixels (Ratio 1.91:1). However, to make sure your banner displays clearly on retina screens, size 1920x1005 pixels is recommended, which is the same ratio.
English (US) View Other' Results
English (US) End Repeat After
English (US) Enter number of recurring event(s)
English (US) Maximum {number} event(s)
English (US) End Repeat At
English (US) Select end repeat time
English (US) Please choose 1 of 2 repeated options. If you choose [End Repeat At] please make sure [End Repeat After] is empty and vice versa.
English (US) You must fill 1 of 2 repeated fields
English (US) Apply Edits For
English (US) - with
English (US) Repeat Type